For a practitioner of yoga for 15+ years and coming from a historical background in hip-hop music, Cornelius bridges hip-hop and pop music to the physical practice of yoga that makes it invigorating, spinning a fresh perspective on yoga which brings you back to the breath and philosophies of ancient yoga gurus.

He makes it interesting and grabs a new group of yogis with his diverse choice of music, rhythmic teaching style, and encouraging atmosphere
— Russell Simmons
Whether new to yoga or older than cassette Walkmans, Cornelius Jones will find a way to challenge you so that your practice will never become predictable or easy, but remains ever engaging, refreshening, and a channel toward self-discovery.
— Kai, Hot8 YogaSculpt Student
I really appreciate the way that you accommodated all levels while keeping the energy up and making us all feel like part of a family. I noticed a difference in my abs right away, of course. I can’t wait for the next Gr8 Core!
— Karen, Gr8 Core Alumni