For a practitioner of yoga for 15+ years and coming from a historical background in hip-hop music, Cornelius bridges hip-hop and pop music to the physical practice of yoga that makes it invigorating, spinning a fresh perspective on yoga which brings you back to the breath and philosophies of ancient yoga gurus.

He makes it interesting and grabs a new group of yogis with his diverse choice of music, rhythmic teaching style, and encouraging atmosphere
— Russell Simmons
"Cornelius is one of the Best of the Best!! The attention that he gives you is undeniable, He is Creative in his approach to relay information that you may think isn't going to be fun to learn. His Ability to incorporate Challenging Sequencing, Vocal training, Anatomy, and Great Music while maintaining the Integrity of the practice is incredible. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you, for sharing your gift of teaching and I will forever be grateful."

- Nafisa, YogaSculpt Teacher Training Graduate 




"Cornelius was very thorough, informative, and encouraging. He takes the time for all questions. He is great at giving examples and demonstrating to make all subject matter covered clear to all. He is also very uplifting and inspiring throughout the teaching process. The Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training Course is a great way to gain more knowledge of how to incorporate weights into a yoga practice. Overall it was a great training experience and I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to teach a yoga sculpt class."

- Melissa, Hot 8 YogaSculpt Teacher Training Graduate

Whether new to yoga or older than cassette Walkmans, Cornelius Jones will find a way to challenge you so that your practice will never become predictable or easy, but remains ever engaging, refreshening, and a channel toward self-discovery.
— Kai, Hot8 YogaSculpt Student
I really appreciate the way that you accommodated all levels while keeping the energy up and making us all feel like part of a family. I noticed a difference in my abs right away, of course. I can’t wait for the next Gr8 Core!
— Karen, Gr8 Core Alumni