Cornelius Jones Jr. – Yoga Instructor (ERYT 200) & Fitness/Lifestyle Coach

As a child he grew playing sports such as football, basketball, soccer, and track&field at his local community recreational center in Richmond, VA.
He always had a love for theater, dance, and music and pursued an undergraduate degree in  Musical Theater and worked as a Broadway performer for over 10 years with notable shows such as The Lion King.

He found his way to yoga, through a college course requirement, and reunited with yoga shortly after an injury while dancing in The Lion King. After many years on Broadway with The Lion King he decided to pursue higher education in Theater Education and Performance Studies at New York University. With the physical & emotional intensity of completing his Masters Degree & a physically abusive relationship, Cornelius decided to moved west & again rededicated his life to yoga, but this time as a teacher. From there everything evolved (his early years of sports, performance background, life lessons) into where he is nowCorneliusYogaBurn.

Photographer: Jen-Woo Prensena

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