CorneliusYogaBurn is a community of healthy living and like-minded individuals who come together to share the space of body, mind, and soul integration through Yoga & Fitness; high energy, fluid movement, body sculpting, layered on spoken word and rhythmic music. A new movement in the yoga fitness industry.

With yoga as its foundation, CorneliusYogaBurn bridges the gap between breath, posture & alignment, and philosophical aspects of traditional yoga with strength building, toning, and body burning of the physical fitness world. You cannot have Cornelius without the students, and you cannot have the students without Cornelius. This new movement is a partnership, a collaboration, a union of
progressive souls, evolving into greatness all through alignment, strength, focus,
& breath! It's an EXPERIENCE. 

CorneliusYogaBurn workout will definitely get your  Body Tight & Mind Right.

are the themes for each workout.

SCULPT:  Body toning, utilizing every muscle and joints with light to medium free weights, props (straps, bands, blocks), core muscle isolation, plyometric, and lengthening of the joints.

DRIP:  CardioYoga. Cardio & Plyometric based workout. Still utilizing weights targeting muscles and joints highlighted in SCULPT but this section is focused more on getting the body leaner, core stronger, heart rate higher, and endurance longer.  

FOCUS:  Breath & Stability. Think of this as more restorative as we continue to flow with weights but we work the postures at a slower pace with more balancing and static poses. It gets back to the basics of Yoga with a Vinyasa style flow, and a longer cool down.  

CorneliusYogaBurn on YouTube for YogaBurn class videso, lifestyle updates, and community chats.